Ocean Champion Challenge

The national Seaweek Ocean Champion Challenge – Moana Toa Whakatara - is a call for all environmental heroes to share with us what action they are taking to help solve a problem impacting our marine environment.

Ocean Champions

Recognising New Zealand’s Ocean Heroes

The Ocean Champion Challenge is about celebrating the work of many passionate ocean advocates and sharing their stories to inspire others.

Deadlines for submissions have now closed.

To apply we ask that you share your Ocean Champion story with us in a short video (2-4 minutes in length).

Enter the Challenge

The grand prize for the overall Ocean Champion (age 17+) is a $500 cheque from the New Zealand Coastal Society.

NZCS has been sponsoring this award and supporting the work of Ocean Champions since 2018.

The grand prize for an outstanding Auckland group is a trip to Sea Life - Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium! We have family passes to the aquarium to award to individuals in Auckland too!

Outstanding Young Ocean Champions and other entries received from outside of the Auckland region will be awarded prize packages from our sponsors in the graphic below. All Ocean Champions and nominees will receive recognition for their work!

The award for a group of Ocean Champions is an Enviropod LittaTrap, a catch basin insert designed to capture trash, debris, sediments and other pollutants of to prevent these from entering our waterways.

Check it out here: www.enviropod.com/products/littatrap

Read on for more information and find the button below to submit your entry or nomination.

Find examples of entries from groups by clicking on the image tiles down below.


Junior (16 & under) Multiple sponsors listed below

Senior (17+) Sponsored by New Zealand Coastal Society

Group (3 people or more) Sponsored by Enviropod and Kelly Tarltons

Past Winners

2022 - Nicole Miller, Author of 'Celia Seagull and the Plastic Sea'

2021 - Zoe Luffman, Passionate Young Ocean Advocate

2020 - Lorraine Shaab, Petone Beach Clean-Up Crew

2019 - Lorella Doherty, Rethinking Plastic Revolution

2018 - Samara Nicholas, Experiencing Marine Reserves founding Director

2017 - Dr. Dan Godoy, Marine Scientist & Turtle Expert

Our Sponsors and Supporters

Click on the image boxes above to take you to some examples of outstanding group entries!

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