Ocean Champion Challenge

The national Seaweek Ocean Champion Challenge – Moana Toa Whakatara - is a call for all environmental heroes to share with us what action they are taking to help solve a problem impacting our marine environment.

Ocean Champions

Recognising New Zealand’s Ocean Heroes

The Ocean Champion Challenge is about celebrating the work of many passionate ocean advocates and sharing their stories to inspire others.

This year's challenge has been refreshed to recognise the variety of actions being taken to protect the ocean and raise awareness. 

We are accepting entries up until 31 March.

The categories are Creator, Investigator, and Narrator:

Creators advocate for the ocean through their art. Entries include an image of your ocean-inspired artwork along with a short explanation of the meaning or story behind its creation.

Investigators contribute observations or collect data related to our marine environment. Entries include a description of the contributions and how they help us understand our marine environment.

Narrators share insight into any type of action aimed at positively impacting our ocean. Entries include a short video or written piece which communicates how the individual or group is contributing to ocean education, conservation, or awareness. 

Ocean Champion Challenge Nominations

Is there someone you know that should be recognised as an Ocean Champion? 

Nominations help us celebrate individuals and groups who might be too shy to enter themselves. Submitting a nomination is easy and helps us to thank people for their work, even if they aren't seeking to be recognised. 

Visit our nomination form to see what details we need.

When you submit a nomination you go in the draw to win one of five copies of the Celebrating Sea Creatures of Aotearoa poster.


During April we will notify all participants and send out prizes. 
Nominees and applicants are eligible for the same prizes in the above categories.

One outstanding individual will win the cash prize, awarded by the New Zealand Coastal Society, who have been sponsoring this award since 2014.

Those under the age of 16 are not eligible for the cash prize we do our best to award prizes generously donated by our Sponsors & Supporters (below) based on entry/nomination merit.

Find information about some of our previous winners by clicking on their names below.

Our Sponsors and Supporters

Click on the image boxes above to take you to some examples of outstanding group entries! 
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