Jasmine Nossiter

Jasmine Nossiter


Nine year old Jasmine Nossiter is a petite young girl with a massive heart and drive to protect the earth so no animals die. A school project really ignited her passion to make a difference to the amount of pollution in our oceans and she’s now on a mission to get the message out so people understand how their litter is destroying our planet.

I contacted Parua Bay School after I saw an article in the Northern Advocate, to pass on my congratulations and thank her for her great work. The school passed on my letter to her mother Anita who contacted me – and just a few days later on World Ocean Day, Anita brought Jasmine and her brother to my local beach to join in a global event I’d organised called ‘Let’s Ripple’. I was invited to talk to the pupils at her school because of my own passion and ancestral connection to the ocean. The teachers told me Jasmine has been an inspiration to staff, pupils and parents – her peers regularly sharing their own efforts in and out of school with her.

Since writing to her local council, Jasmine now receives a regular supply of bags to clean up the beaches. They’ve also invited her to design signs with her message so they can be made and put up in the area. Personally, I’d love to see her idea spread nationwide.

Jasmine is working alongside a local group Plastic Bag Free Northland writing to supermarkets and sponsors to get money to make grocery bags that can be sold outside the supermarkets to encourage people to think about and stop using plastic bags.

It’s a real family affair now as her 6 year old brother enthusiastically joins in with her regular beach cleans; during which they also remove graffiti since adopting a Keep NZ Beautiful spot.

Jasmine’s story really touched my heart because of the impact she’s making on her peers and wider community at such a tender age. I believe this award would help nurture her passion so she gets even more encouragement to continue spreading the message to protect the planet.

Nominated by: Philippa Ross on 2 December 2016

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